We put expectations on ourselves to give the perfect gift, when, in reality, a gift that is personal and thoughtful most often does the trick. Counseling also forms a core part of treatment, both individually and in a group setting. A personalized gratitude journal can help a loved one to take inventory each day of the many things that they are grateful for. They can also reflect on everything they sobriety gifts have so far accomplished in recovery by flicking back through the journey as they ease further and deeper into sober living. Pick a personalized display box or chip holder and give your loved one a secure home for these important keepsakes. This would make a wonderful one year sobriety gift for a loved one who is proud of his recovery. Sobriety isn’t always all rainbows but it sure is awesome!

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Dave Coulier: The Gift of Sobriety.

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This means that we are providing you with the best possible care and are compliant with the health and safety standards outlined by the Joint Commission. Plan a camping trip to a national park if they’re outdoorsy or a beach getaway for those who prefer a laid-back vacation. Just remember to do the research to determine there are no triggers in these settings. For instance, if a resort advertises a poolside bar or a hotel includes a rooftop bar, it’s probably best to choose a different place.

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You might find houseplants online or visit a local garden store to find the perfect gifts for sober friends. So, they’re a nice, subtle way to help those in recovery connect with nature and their nurturing selves. Your loved one can enjoy caring for an orchid, fern, succulent or another houseplant, depending on their preference. Bringing nature indoors also creates a soothing environment, making plants a multi-faceted sobriety gift. Every month, half-year or year of sobriety, buy another little houseplant for your loved one to fill their home with nature.

  • Tattoos are common in recovery spaces; people like to memorialize their experiences, sobriety dates, and other meaningful memories in ways that last forever.
  • Sometimes they might feel isolated and somehow disconnected from their higher power.
  • The safety and wellness of our clients and staff is our primary concern.
  • Be sure to do some research to find the perfect gift for your loved one!
  • But a little research into some of these titles will help you select the best one for your loved one this holiday.
  • If this is the case, why not plan a day that is full of special activities for them.

This art print makes the perfect gift for the sober person in your life or for your own space. Colorful and a great reminder of an awesome life milestone. Create a sobriety calendar for your loved one’s first year in recovery — or any year! Use a web printing platform to upload pictures for each month of the calendar. This way, they can count each day of their sobriety, track progress and celebrate milestones. Alyssa ValentinAlyssa is Banyan’s Director of Digital Marketing & Technology.

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This will help them stay on track with their sobriety journey while also having fun. As the journey from addiction to sobriety can put strains on relationships, the best gift you can possibly give a person in this journey is your love and support. Wanting to commemorate this moment with a great gift is a wonderful thing to do. Celebrating someone’s sobriety is such a proud, exciting occasion! Brainstorming different gift ideas can help you think of the perfect thing to give to your loved one.

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